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Cancer awareness campaign

A cancer awareness campaign was conducted for the children to know the reality around. The measures that we are suppose to take care, the...   Read More

Blessing of Christ School, Majri Grant, Dehradun

On 3rd July, on the feast of dukhrana, the two-storied KG section of our Christ School was blessed. The school was jointly blessed by His...   Read More

First ever Annual Day celebration in Christ School at Majri Grant, Dehradun

Christ School at Majri Grant celebrated its first ever Annual Day on Monday, 12 December. Since the Blessing and Opening of the School in July...   Read More

The leaders for the year 2017-18

The Christ school has seen a new light today, as the school has new student’s leaders from today. Rev. Fr. Biju Vadakkel CMI, the chief...   Read More

The School bus is available for students

The school provides the school bus service for the convenience of the students. The School Bus service is offered on a strict understanding that...   Read More

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