1. School Hours: 7:45 am to 1:40 pm
  2. Pupils are always required to reach the school in the time.
  3. Parents are not allowed to contact the teachers during working hours except at the time assigned to it.
  4. No School business will be transacted on Sundays and holidays at the residence of the Manager/Principal.
  5. Holiday’s list is given in the school diary.
  6. Discipline, the medium of speech (English) in the campus of the school and coming to the institution in the approved uniform should be paid special attention to and it is binding on all.
  7. No one should approach the school authorities for promotion of the student who is weak and unfit.
  8. Admission will be done on the basis of merit and subject to the number of seats available in the each class and section. Hence, no one should approach the manager with a recommendation regarding this.
  9. Parents/Guardians are allowed to contact the subject teachers for finding out the progress of their wards only during Parent-Teacher meeting.
  10. Students should arrive at the school before the bell is rung i.e. At least five minutes before the Assembly bell, for prayer.
  11. All have to attend the Assembly. This includes students, staff teaching and non-teaching.
  12. No shouting, no whistling or running in the corridors of the school building is allowed.
  13. No students will be allowed to leave the school unless it is urgent and necessary. Even in such cases a written application signed by the parents or guardians is needed and that is again counter signed by the School Authority, which is necessary and absolutely a precondition for anyone to leave the school campus gate pass will be issued.
  14. Punctuality & regularity in attendance, School Uniform, earnest and diligent efforts in the home work assigned, and polite behavior inside and outside the School Premises are necessary for the formation of the character, and to create a suitable environment for learning. The school authorities will always, therefore, insist on these points and expect the full co-operation of the parents and the students to achieve these aims.
  15. Students should observe cleanliness within the classroom, as well as, outside. They should have a decent hairstyle that is becoming.

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